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Amla is among the most precious gifts of nature for the lives here on earth. From each corner of the developing world is getting and sharing enough acquaintance regarding this super herb called Amalki a pure extract of Amla. As the Amla carries 20 times more presence of Vitamin C than the citrus, it leads you towards its properties that have more than enough capabilities to influence the entire body system with having the unmatched balanced combination of Minerals, Vitamins, and Nutrients.



According to the medical research, the body organs and the development process belongs to the rich but available sources of essential elements for the healthy metabolism, if the body is getting the proper flow of required essences each of the department and organs multiply the specific process. As the Amla has Manganese, Potassium and copper, phosphorus with a fabulous origin of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, B6, and Thiamin. It carries Dietary fiber, carbohydrates, protein, and calories as well.



All these elements enable to body to counter the aging effects on skin, redevelopment of tissues, hairs and maintain the natural color and condition throughout the age. Amalki extract of Amla is having each and every content of Amla in its each capsule that supplies all the content in the body without losing its genuine strength.



Glowing and spotless skin, fair and clean face, contrasting eyes, healthy and shiny hair along with the energetic presence, healthy and confident appearance, stronger and powerful body language is an easier trick to get only because of Amalki that contains all the power of super herb Amla and it became more convenient to use Amla by taking a capsule only. If you take two capsules in a day you get all the amazing natural ingredients to rejuvenate your body from the very first day of scheduled course.